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St. Joan of Arc Athletic Board Mission

The SJA athletic board mission is consistent with the CYO and SJA School mission in that our efforts are founded in Christian values. The SJA Athletic program is designed to build character of all participants while promoting the ideals of good sportsmanship, continuous improvement of fundamental game skills, teamwork, cooperation, loyalty, friendship, and increased social growth while fostering in the student athlete a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. We promote inclusion and expect able players participate in all practices and games. We encourage coaches and parents to help athletes to appropriately manage successes and failures on the athletic field. We expect student athletes will always demonstrate winning with dignity and respect toward opponents and losing players should be praised by coaches and parents for their efforts and encouraged to be resilient. The SJA athletic program shall always recognize the needs of the individual but will promote the concept of team and the subordination of personal goals to team goals. Adherence by the Board to the SJA athletic mission statement is our high priority. We are committed to continuous improvement of our mission and values and to that end we welcome comments and suggestions for improvement. 

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